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5 Worst Wii U Games – An Unexpected List

Worst Wii u games ever – Top 5

Hi, gamers here we’ve listed some worst wii u games (NSFW) of Wii U Nintendo games throughout the history, you should definitely NOT check them out. We got all the reasons why things ain’t just working out between them and gamers. We got it all sorted out and sharing the cliché with you. On the side note, you might want to check best wii u games sorted to Top 5.

P.S. – Nintendo lover friends of ours tried them and now in brief series of gaming comma. They just wanted to explore the exotics for christ sake. Well …..

Another P.S.(as per r/wiiu)List below include Wii(not Wii U) games too that can be played on Wii U console. Have fun! 

Number 5: My Aquarium

10. worst wii u games

Swaying aquatic plants… Fishes swimming…  My Aquarium, which allows you to enjoy a virtual aquarium in your spare time and we’re talking about worst wii u games here.

Regardless of freshwater or saltwater, you can select from over 40 popular types of fish, You can also create up to six different aquariums and personalize them by adding decorations.

You can send aquariums to your registered friends. The aquariums can even be set with special dates, that the fish will commemorate with a dance (maybe on birthday). So it seems good.

But let me say you that it is not more than just a screensaver. It’s just a screensaver you pay a lot of money for and then have that on your television instead of games or fun stuff. Keeping a virtual fish in a 50-inch plasma TV, you could probably pinch a few pennies and buy some real goldfish.

You can have some rare species of fish here that would probably cost you bucks in real life. This is why My Aquarium is number 5 on this list. The below nine games? All they had to do was to be better than a screensaver.


Number 4: Game Party Champions

9. Worst wii u game ever

Game Party features a collection of classic skill games from around the world, from American sports venues to European gathering spots. The Game Party experience is like going to a party where there are only four other guests with you and they’re all racist and then your ex-turns up and gets off with a Danish supermodel. rough for worst wii u games

Aside from bringing back some traumatic memories, this game beats most on the list by simply having multiplayer, if you ask anyone to play it with you I’m pretty sure it’s legal for them to beat you deadly. The controls are poorly coordinated and unstable at times.

The games themselves range from things like darts and table hockey and they almost pulled of recreating everything and just forgot to include the part called fun!

You’ll be happy to know since the game is so bad, it couldn’t live with just one sequel.


Number 3: Balls of Fury

8. Worst wii u game

Balls of Fury was an alright movie. Being a movie, it would automatically be a bad game (that’s just how it works, well in this case it does!). Being cheaply made for the Wii makes it a terrible game claims 3rd pos in worst wii u games list.

The graphics: enormously bad and characters looked horrible. Either way, the storyline mimics the, so at least you eventually get to play against Christopher Walken! That makes up for a sloppy game with terrible controls and no interesting features. Huh!


Number 2: Anything Petz

7. Worst wii u games

Petz (Dogz and Catz) is a series of single-player video games dating back to 1995, in which the player can adopt, raise, care for and breed their own virtual pets DS counterpart, although both DS Hamsterz games were also Japanese-developed published in English territories by UbiSoft.

I’m not sure how many Petz games are even out there. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is a horrible emasculating experience and me while being a kid completely didn’t play this game all the time.

let me elaborate: The difference was that there were Dogs and Cats. Expanding the game into a ridiculous the mantra of species, and then making 3 different versions per species, is ridiculous!

Also, on the computer, you could set your pet on the desktop while you do other things. If the monkeys from Crazy Monkeyz actually threw poo, then there would be a metaphor somewhere in there for the entire series.


The One: Sukeban Shachou Rena

Worst wii u game ever



5..4..3..2…What the heck is he doing?!!….At last, we had reached the hard spot of worst wii u games. Yes! this is the one, The worst wii u game ever.  I can’t even begin to explain the game.

It broke the sales record in Japan and is the worst selling game in Wii History. The game managed to sell 100 copies before the Japanese realized it was ridiculous. It won’t be getting a Western release, so if you want it, you’re going to have to fly to Japan and hunt through the garbage.

Sukeban Shachou Rena’s gameplay involves several minigames where the player takes control of a cat or in other minigames, humans. Minigame examples include playing the piano, avoiding other cats from jumping at you, taking money from a cat while it is not looking, and dancing using the Wii Remote to appease Rena.

This is the end !

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