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What is UK 49s Lunchtime & Teatime?

UK 49’s Lotto which is originated and developed from official UK Lotto Limited(London), have seen a lot of growth in these following years. Nowadays it is considered as one of the most popular betting or lotto(whichever to prefer to call it) ever played by lotto players around the world. The working process and main lotto draws of UK 49’s takes place at United Kingdom, London. Players far from the UK(oversea players), tends to seek for official billboard of UK 49’s results online provided by many vendors. Preferably if you are one of those enthusiast 49’ers too, then you can check for Lunchtime Results here provided by online UK 49’s Team. They update the numbers pretty neat and quick with clean environment for user-friendliness of users.

Oh! did I forget to tell about UK Teatime lotto, and yeah the same above provider also updates the UK 49’s teatime result numbers, quick as well. Speaking of numbers, there are total of six plain ball numbers and a bonus or booster ball, usually the booster ball caries more weight, the Jackpot!

United Kingdom

As we can see it is not limited to any country or residents of specific reason, one can enjoy this thrilling lotto from anywhere around the world. Just take care of being playing with only legit vendors. Check the wiki page of UK National Lottery to be on the safe side. UK 49’s was started following the launch of National Lottery of United Kingdom at 1996. Since then the internet facilities and words kept it floating on peoples mind. The organization however, now is currently held and supported by LBO’s and various Tech broadcasting businesses and companies.


Some characteristics of UK49s

The organisation started in 1996 in response to based national lottery began in precisely the same year in the united kingdom. 49’s Limited has its capital out of LBO’s. The UK 49’s limited from London operate this draw, and it happens twice every day.

1.First Draw: Draw starts at 12:48 PM and this lottery draw are known as Lunchtime draw or Lunchtime Results.
2.Second Draw: Draw starts at 05:48 PM and this draw are known as Teatime or evening 3.draw or Teatime Results.
In every draw, six numbers and a single”booster ball” are drawn from the figures 1 to 49.

Many betting offices sponsor this lottery in their shop or wardrobe, and this game is available there for the public. Another game known as by 49’s lotto raffle has recently started and it comprises of prize worth £20,000.


Playing UK 49’s Online

There are just two ways of playing, utilising a wealthy account or direct banking. So online lotto players can enjoy their comfy environment while performing at the same time online. Players play with the amount they deposited to sponsor account from their direct account or a loaded account. In the event winners triumph, the National Lottery advises them via email, besides if you will find Instant Wins. In cases like this, the winnings are directly transferred into their account.

Players can also use direct debit method and the signing up is easy as pie. A user just need to introduce their required bank details to the sponsor. The players can be notified through their emails if they win the lottery.

For example, at a normal lotto draw such as Australian Oz Lotto and the US Powerball, a predetermined price is readily available to get a ticket along with the amount of the jackpot is a proportion of earnings from ticket sales, which can be pre-determined. This isn’t true at UK49’s where chances are pre-determined for each probable outcome. Players have more control genuinely to their side and can bet with whatever amount they want.

UK 49's results

The guidelines below are gathered along in consultation with the indulgent business and symbolize the principles you’ll realize in most lotto retailers and shops. However, some bookies rules do vary. you’re thus suggested to ascertain on together with your store or merchandiser before concluding a bet based on your guess.

  • The utmost payout to a client or group/syndicate of shoppers/clients, performing along, the agency who have supported identical blend/combo of decisions together with indulgent from identical supply, is basically as viewed in the shop where the bet was placed on someone’s 49’s draw.
  • 49’s draw bets are accepted up to the official begin time broadcast on SIS.
  • When a regular or named draw is chosen, however, the bet is accepted once the corresponding day’s draw has taken place (if any). Single Bets are planning to be settled on the primary draw to require place once the bet has been accepted, in spite of the draw name or time appointive on the slip.
  • When no draw or an incorrect draw occurs the bet can count for succeeding consecutive draw(s) to require place once the bet has been accepted.
  • When over one draw is chosen, the bets are planning to be settled on succeeding actual named or regular consecutive draws when the bet has been accepted.
  • If for any reason a draw doesn’t occur, bets can represent succeeding offered 49’s draw with shoppers content.
  • 49’s bets could additionally be placed on commonplace gambling slips.
  • All bets are planning to be deemed to get on the ‘6 range Draw’ unless otherwise expressed.
  • 49’s bets won’t qualify for consolations or bonuses if placed on varied specials e.g. ‘Lucky 15s’. whenever the entire numbers square measure chosen exceed 5 on any bet, it’ll be settled as a series of ‘five correct’ bets with the stake doled out.
  • Multiple bets on one/single 49’s draw are accepted. 49’s bets cannot be combined with the other gambling event, nor others is combined in accumulative bets. Illegible or unknown figures are planning to be treated as void with the bet reduced consequently.
  • Odds can apply for the valid numbers solely. Parenthetically, if a game on ‘3 ranges correct’ section contains 2 ranges and a null number, this bet is planning to be settled on the percentages applicable to the “2 numbers correct” section.
  • In ’49’s lotto’ bets whenever under nine numbers chosen, or an incorrect range is chosen, or a similar range is chosen more than once, or wherever figures area unit are not decipherable, bets are planning to be void.
  • In ’49’s lotto’ bets the ‘Booster’ ball doesn’t count. Special bets offered on a “49’s” draw might not be combined with different bets from a similar “49’s” draw.
  • Rules of the individual gambling outlets or merchants can apply to any of the things not included in these rules.

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