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Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala, Tripura, Museum

Ujjayanta Palace Museum of Tripura – Agartala (2018)

Ujjayanta Palace: A Museum of Covert Beauty and Culture

Tripura state is a small but historical place and is a part of Northeast India. Ujjayanta Palace is located in Agartala, Tripura. Once upon a time, Ujjayanta palace was called Rajbari when all hailed the Tripuri Kingdom was still a thing (I’d say quite epic, you might wanna check the wiki). Afterwards, the ruling government replaced the name with Ujjayanta Palace Tripura state museum.

Ujjayanta Palace, Me

By the way, Tripura State Museum is a beautiful state museum.It’s a must visit if you say as a tourist exploring the rich culture and hidden beauty.I’ve visited this place somewhere between noon to eve transition and according to me it is an interesting place for local students, couples, and families to hang around for a bliss of the moment.Tickets were also cheap (15) so an affordable destination.

Beauty of Ujjayanta Palace Agartala at night

A beautiful green garden inside the Tripura  State Museum.A  glimpse of light in the whole building at night… it looks like Diwali flame. Full of beautiful Tripuri(aka Twiprasa) culture shown. I am glad I’ve been at that place, the atmosphere was peaceful and feels great and calm. Tripura State Museum is the nice place and location for photography. Many people’s gathering around the museum it looks awesome. Really I am getting the fresh vibe. Beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautiful traditional dress, beautiful cultural dance etc.

I’ve had a glance at history as well

Here’s a bit of historic part –

Twipra kingdoms were one of the largest and mightiest kingdoms in North-east India comprising of Twipra(also Tipra) people. Tripura was ruled by as many as 184 Tripuri Kings with sovereign and independent status prior to its merger with the Indian Union in 1949. The buildings of Ujjayanta palace grounds cover 800 acres. Ujjayanta Palace was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by the Tripura king  Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya. The Royal history of Tripura ended in the year of 1947 when monarchy in the state was completely terminated. Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman Manikya Bahadur king of Tripura and it was after his death that Tripura has acceded to the Union of India. In the year 1949 Tripura became a Union Territory of India and remained so until 1972 when it was made a constituent state of the Indian Nation.Afterwards, Ujjayanta Palace was used as the house to the state legislative assembly until July 2011.Now a state museum. Afterwards, in 1964 Bangladeshi refugees were given a safe and sheltered space in Tripura.More refugees came in 1971(almost 16lakh).People’s of Tripura guided Bangladeshi refugees to fauna resources to live in. And they refugees settled in Tripura. Inside the Ujjayanta palace a beautiful statue construction by cement.Ujjayanta palace has tiled floors and carved front doors.There are two large artificial ponds on either side of the garden.

    Bangladesh Refugees Tripuri People helping Bangladeshi Refugees, Ujjayanta PalaceTripuri People, Ujjayanta Palace

Panaroma View, Ujjayanta Palace


You can go inside the museum and see many things used by the Maharaja’s family and you can look for Histories of Tripura King, quite a research niche. You will see officials showcase the Lifestyles, culture, tradition, and utility craft of almost all culture residing in Northeast India. It is your chance for a visit in the holiday with your family and friends.Get ready to visit at Tripura State Museum and get ready yours bag packs.It’s my best travel from Kailashahar to Agartala of new 2018  and the beginning.

I say to all my friends don’t stop being a traveler (OKAY that’s too much). Travel is the best education. And stay tuned guys 🙂

Kishan Debbarma