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Twitter Reacts on Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 | Homecoming


Spider-Man for PS4 is making a wreck with web of #ps4share on twitter. And we got an easter-egg spotted at the right moment. Remember that train scene on Spider-Man(2004) played by Tobey Maguire, well this video game does bring some memories back.

Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 has plenty of nods to all the various incarnations of the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler but one eagle-eyed fan has noticed an Easter egg to Sam Raimi’s popular Spider-Man film trilogy.

While trying to stop a runaway subway train during a key moment of the superhero video game, Spidey tries to slow the train’s momentum using multiple strands of his webbing and his own body. Gamer SavageKingx30 noticed that this is a moment straight out of Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, compounded by Peter Parker’s frustration that the tactic doesn’t work this time.


The PS4’s brief recreation is a quick, clever nod to what many regard as the best Spider-Man film. And now check this goldy-oldy for pure nostalgia. Nice tribute Insomniac Games, it sure hit the awesomeness level.

The 2004 film directed by Sam Raimi from which the sequence draws its inspiration had Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man stop a subway train sent speeding down an unfinished track by Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) in one of the most memorable action sequences in the entire trilogy. While Parker is ultimately successful, the strain on his body nearly kills him.


Hillarious Twitter Back At It Again

Released on September 7,2018, the game has become not only the fastest-selling Spider-Man game ever, but also the fastest-selling Marvel-branded video game ever beating out Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The game also became the fastest selling PlayStation 4 game since Call of Duty: WW2.

With so many people playing the game, fans shared their screenshots which look like they could have come straight out of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Homecoming film starring Tom Holland.

Take a look at some of these gorgeous photographs of Spider-Man swinging his way around New York City!

These graphics…damn they can be used as the promotion for Spider-Man franchise itself.

Take a quickie look at these tweets, this game is gonna go places with those pixels.

“Aaaaand say Cheeese….. while I fight bad guys”


How To Post To Twitter From PS4

Well, Twitter is trending with it if you need more dose of spider-pun. However, if you want to share some with the community and don’t know where to start, check this—features/playstation-apps—features/how-to-upload-10-sec-clips-to-twitter.

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