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Micro-Cheating | Signs That You’re Already Doing It!

‘Micro-Cheating’ | Signs That You’re Already Doing It!


What is cheating? The boundary of what can and can not be done through the brace differs from person to person. One person thinks that kissing is not cheating, while for the other person is sharing the border with someone else is trip to hell. Yet most people think of physical contact when cheating. But is it actually cheating when someone “engages” with someone else? Different dating experts think so. Especially in the time of social media, micro-cheating is becoming more common.


Martin Graff from the South Wales University conducted research into micro-cheating. He explains to The Irish Times when, according to him, someone cheers at a micro level.

” It is a gray area between flirting and unfaithful behavior. This includes, for example, the use of romantic emoji with someone with whom you are not in a relationship or a secret conversation online with someone else. ”



The term ‘micro-cheating‘ has been around since 2004, but only really went viral now at this dawn of internet age. What does it exactly mean? A number of symptoms indicate unreliable behavior. An example of this is the obsessive checking of someone’s social media, more often than you would do with your own friends. Or you share secrets with someone and tell things you do not discuss with your own sweetheart. And even if you do not say that you are in a relationship, you are suspicious.

Obvious Signs That You’re Micro-Cheating!


Playing with the wrong flesh and heart is actually always cheating. And if you wrestle tongue with someone else, you are also off in most relationships. But what about flirting, slippery messages and dressing in a certain way for someone? They call that micro-cheating or emotional cheating. And sometimes that is the precursor of real cheating. Because that light-spicy action can trigger something more. It is therefore quite logical that you, as a partner, become angry and insecure when your partner does that. Do you even micro-cheat?

Here’s the list you should check:

  • You save your fiercely attractive colleague ‘Kim’ in your phone as ‘Mark’.
  • Sneaky behavior like closing your laptop when your lover enters.
  • You all have photos of your neighbor, the cashier of the local supermarket and sexy colleagues.
  • You send slightly flirtatious messages with emoji such as hearts, kisses, splashes, and winks. (after the eggplant emoji it usually goes the wrong way tho)
  • You literally send flirtatious messages.
  • You have a new job as a professional cuddler or whatever and tell it first to a ‘friend’ instead of your sweetheart.
  • When asked if you have a relationship and you say ‘no’.
  • You prefer not to propose a certain person to your partner.
  • You ensure an irresistible appearance when you know that you are going to see a certain person.


“Innocent or not, you probably sometimes micro-cheat on your partner unknowingly. But as the saying says – He/She should define boundaries on certain things. By the way can you relate to those points?”

Trust Your Guts

Some people take this kind of behavior very seriously and can now give a nice name to it. Can you finally accuse your partner of something concrete? Others find this bullshit. A little flirtation must be possible. What you think of it, of course, you have to decide for yourself. Just rely on your feeling. He/She usually speaks the truth. What do you think?