Dragon Ball Super – Stream Online (2018)

Dragon Ball Super (Japanese anime television series) last episode just aired on March 25 and is good as heck worth a watch. We are giving you links to the streamable sources of all episode including the DBS Episode 131. So, grab a popcorn or chi ball * whatever your choice is* and feel the energy.

(Watch Dragon Ball Super online Below)

Spoiler Alert- Goku and Frieza join along with them forces together at the end to defeat Jiren *Spoiler!!!!!!!!* *sorry*  But the result was unexpected and self-explanatory as well

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Here are some twitter feeds on #DragonBallSuper 

That is what I was talking about. Yes!!!! A LEGEND COMBO.

I am crying…. Okay I am not crying but the memories just WOW and nostalgia.


Yes. True. I miss them too.  And a movie would be great along returning to TV.


Louie does not mean that by his/her heart, here to confirm. Who knows when a movie or TV series gonna strike anytime soon! And it’s not over *Frieza’s Voice*


Yo!! You heard that! You’ve seen that! Alright! Dragon Ball Super it is.

Watch Here-

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