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5 best wii u games for you

5 Best Wii U Games (2018 Updated)

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Best Wii U games (2018)- Top 5

Some games can be played on everything from the PS3 to the DS, but most other games come out only on one platform. Today we gonna discuss best Wii U games.
Wii exclusives are especially notable because without having to worry about making a game that works on multiple platforms, game designers can think entirely in terms of motion control, creating games that could not be replicated on other systems, hence cool gaming experience. Below is the list of the best 5 Wii U games which you must play once.

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Anyway to the point…

Number 5: Donkey Kong Country Returns

donkey kong country returns, best wii u games 2018

The backlog of amazing Nintendo games is one of many reasons why gamers continue to back the company’s consoles. Donkey Kong Country Returns is yet another fantastic visit to the company’s catalog of amazing game designs. Other than the brutal difficulty it still scores at being one of best Wii U games ever.

This impressive old-school 2D platformer is so imaginative and varied and well designed that I can more-or-less forgive it for being brutally difficult. The classic Rare-developed Donkey Kong Country gained notoriety on the Super Nintendo as one of the first games to utilize cutting-edge Pixar-like computer-generated imagery for characters and backgrounds. While some games like to come up with something different, DKCR aims to gives Donkey Kong fans everything they expect, perfectly done.


Number 4: De Blob

deblob, best wii u games 2018
The game which correlates oppression and revolution with grays and colors, De Blob creates a vivid world where the dark forces of black and white are pitted against revolutionaries who are colorful in the most literal sense of the word. The player character — de Blob — starts out as a ball of clear “water”.

De Blob is free to roll around and collect paint from Paintbots in the three colors of red, yellow and blue, which can be combined into orange, green, purple, and brown. De Blob then merely has to touch a building, lamppost, billboard, or other objects for the entire surface of said object to be smeared in his current color. As he colors the city, the game’s soundtrack, featuring live bands which recorded slow and fast versions of each “lick” (each hit), gradually adds more instrumentation as well as an additional “layer” of sound corresponding to de Blob’s current color.

They devote themselves to repainting their cities after the bad guys drain them of color. A funny and stylish platformer with an intuitive control scheme that uses motion control smoothly and intelligently, That’s why De Blob is an almost a perfect Wii game claiming no. 4 spot at best Wii U games.

Number 3: The Last Story

the last story, best wii u games 2018

The other great Wii JRPG is the closest thing to a Final Fantasy game ever made for the Wii, with a lush score, a charming (though generic) story, and visuals that rise above the level of almost all other Wii games. And the fast-paced real-time combat system makes it one of the most exciting RPGs I’ve ever played. The Last Story takes place upon the island fortress of Lazulis, in a world that is slowly being drained of life by an unknown force.

The story focuses on a group of mercenaries looking for work on Lazulis; one of their number, Zael, dreams of becoming a knight. After receiving the mystical “Mark of the Outsider”, Zael becomes involved with a noblewoman named Calista in an ongoing war between humans and the beast-like Gorak. During gameplay, the player controls Zael as he and the mercenary group to which he belongs undertake missions on Lazulis. Zael can command the rest of the mercenary squad during missions and fights in battles that involve action, tactical and stealth elements.

Multiple online multiplayer modes are also featured and are really addictive being one of best Wii U games ever pitched.

Number 2: Xenoblade Chronicles

5 best wii u games for you

“Yeah, we’ve used the same image as this post’s featured image, because graphics of this Wii game is gorgeous and take our word as a hint  :)”

Xenoblade Chronicles claiming a 2nd spot on best Wii U games is a role-playing video game (RPG), where the player controls one character out of a party of three using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or the Classic Controller. The game employs an open world design, with players able to freely navigate seamlessly interconnected environments.

There is nothing about Xenoblade Chronicles that screams out a need for the Wii. It does so little with the Wii remote that you’re better off playing the game with the Wii Classic Controller, and it’s a role-playing game on a system virtually devoid of them. It could have been made for any platform, and it’s on the Wii only because Nintendo owns a controlling interest in its developer. But in spite of all that, it is one of the greatest games ever made for the Wii, and one of the greatest JRPGs ever made, period.

It is a grand epic that should not be missed, and a reason to pity anyone who doesn’t own a Wii.

Number 1: The Legend of Zelda-Skyward Sword

the legend of zelda, best wii u games 2018

“The hype, the expectations….. all gone right. This is self-explanatory if you are a real gamer”

So, here is that one! one of the best Wii U games as of 2018 according to us. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has very little riding on it: the Wii has already enjoyed huge success, with a library of critically acclaimed Nintendo games selling millions around the world. Characters are having a wide range of emotions. Its motion controls — dubbed a ‘revolution’ back in 2005 — have arguably inspired competitor formats to adopt their own kinetic controllers, yet no title on Kinect or PlayStation Move can hold a candle to the artistry of Skyward Sword.

The culmination of everything that has gone into Wii design, the action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the ultimate Wii game, the game that fulfilled my faith in the potential of the Wii console and the viability of gesture gaming as a true alternative to traditional game controllers. After this, playing an action-adventure game with nothing but buttons and triggers just feels awesome.


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